Ethics, integrity and compliance starts with the right mindset.

Dr. Donatus Kaufmann

Strategic Executive GRC Advisor

Ethics, integrity and compliance starts with the right mindset.

Dr. Donatus Kaufmann

Strategic Executive GRC Advisor

Ensure a consistent global state-of-the-art approach to governance, risk management and compliance

Kaufmann & Company Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (Kaufmann & Company) provides holistic strategic governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) advice and other senior legal direction to boards and executive leadership such as Group General Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers of international corporations.

Our strategy-driven, practice-bred and solution-focused approach is based on Dr. Donatus Kaufmann’s decades of successful in-house experience and his track record as a Group General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Board Member for Legal and Compliance for multinational companies.

Today we help global businesses establish a resilient state-of-the-art GRC approach and the robust internal structures, processes, systems, and controls they need to prevent and detect misconduct and effect lasting cultural change.

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The current challenge

Globally, the obligations of corporations to fully meet GRC regulations and standards are increasing and becoming more complex in a dynamic landscape.

As more countries and the EU strengthen their anti-corruption, anti-trust, data protection, AML, ESG and other laws and regulations—and sanctions in case of violation—multinational companies face a growing challenge to comply without exception, both at home and across jurisdictions.

Cross-border regulatory enforcement and cooperation are also set to grow as governments recognize the political, economic, and competitive benefits of rigorously investigating and acting on corruption, cartels, and other compliance violations.

What this means for executive boards and enforcement agencies

The growing complexity and dynamics of global GRC legislation and standards mean corporations, particularly those that are multinational, face increasing risks of non-compliance, possibly in several areas. As a result, board-level leaders need to be proactive in both fostering a robust culture of ethics and integrity and implementing effective and efficient preventative GRC structures, processes, and systems that will:

  1. considerably reduce and appropriately manage these risks, and
  2. protect their organization from a transgression that could result in significant financial and reputational harm.

Without this action, leaders increase the risk of being held liable as a company and in person.

We can help.

Donatus Kaufmann enhanced the change in values and culture as well as the group's compliance and governance approach in a way that is exemplary in German industry.

Martina Merz, Chair of the Supervisory Board of thyssenkrupp AG

Source: Handelsblatt, 07.08.2019